Control system

We offer many variants of transformer cooling control systems. However, they have some common features. The most important ones include the fact that the SIEMENS or WAGO PLC controllers are used in control cabinets. The use of a suitable type of controller depends on the requirements set to a specific application and its degree of advancement.

Liquid-gas coolers

This group of heat exchangers are mainly coolers of electric motors, but also coolers of compressors, exciters, generators, etc. Due to the fact that the refrigerant in this type of coolers is water, their pipe inserts are made of ribbed pipes based on stainless steel, brass, copper pipes and copper pipe as well as cupronickel pipes.

Liquid-liquid coolers

The coolers of this type normally present jacket-pipe heat exchangers including oil-water and water-water coolers. Those cooler are manufactured with the use of smooth pipes made of stainless steel, brass, copper, or black steel.

Oil-air coolers

Oil-air coolers belong to the main group of heat exchangers manufactured by our company. Due to the wide variety of the needs of our clients, the number of offered types is constantly increasing. In our offer there are coolers with a power from 50 kW to 350 kW.

Modernization of transformer cooling systems

Within the framework of cooling systems modernization based on fan coolers, our company conducts repeated heat calculations, taking into account the current transformer’s operating parameters, its degree of wear, etc. The best results are achieved when the coolers are built on the basis of monolithic aluminium pipes ribbed on both sides.

Modernization of cooler cooling systems for transformers

Energo-Silesia has the pleasure to present you an alternative way to modernize old cooler cooling systems. We propose to replace the cooling systems based on coolers with forced air circulation through free standing cooling systems based on oil-air coolers for the construction of which we use pipes ribbed on two sides.